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Palm Trees in Ohio? Why Not?

Northeast Ohio Palm Trees is a small, family-owned plant nursery that specializes in cold hardy palm trees.
Our love for plants began many years ago, and as we started traveling we developed a love for tropical landscapes. Since our roots are here in Northeast Ohio, we decided to bring the tropics to us! We have a passion for pushing the limits with the types of plants that can grow in colder climates. We have been growing and experimenting with plants for over 20 years in our growing zone 6a/b near the shores of Lake Erie. We have been successfully growing cold hardy palm varieties such as windmill, sabal minor, needle, european fan, and pindo palms.
What started out as a hobby, became more when we decided that we wanted to share our love and knowledge of palm trees with others. We started our business, Northeast Ohio Palm Trees, in 2015. We strive to provide quality cold hardy palms so that you can bring the tropical feel to any landscape!

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