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Windmill Palm Tree 15 Gallon

Windmill Palm Tree 15 Gallon

Very Large Windmill Palm Trees! Cold-hardy! Ranging from just under 4ft to 4ft (measured from soil to top frond)! Large developed trunks. Mature and healthy with lush green fronds-ready to add an instant tropical feel to your landscape! Bring the tropics to you even if you live in a colder climate!


Windmills are a typical trunking palm tree that you see at many resorts and pool areas. They can grow very tall (up to around 20ft in perfect conditions).

These gorgeous cold-hardy palms are shipped directly to your door in the original 15 gallon pot they are grown in, no bare roots and no mess! Packaged securely to arrive without damage, it's as easy as opening the container and planting outside or placing in a decorative pot to enjoy.

We have many specimens that are fully acclimated to our harsh 6a/b winters here on the shores of Lake Erie. We condition these in unheated hoop houses during the winter. They routinely see temperatures down to 10 degrees F, over 30 times per winter. They can withstand the cold as long as they are protected from the wind (planting and care instructions are included with your purchase).


These are very large, heavy trees. The total package that will arrive can be up to 85lbs depending on water level at the time of shipping. We cannot currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

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